Cape Coral City attorney’s NON-answer to my question

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Dear Mr. Kieffer:

The City Council has asked that I respond to you regarding the question you raised during Citizen’s Input during the Cape Coral Council meeting of June 10, 2013.  I understood you to be asking for the reasoning behind the Council’s current intention to contribute to the annual assessments of institutionally owned property in the SW 6/7 UEP area.  In response, I call your attention to Administrative Resolution 2013 –  12 in which the Council identifies its current intention to provide such contribution in recognition of the benefit provided by institutional properties as further elaborated by Council in the resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, in the Southwest 6 & 7 assessment areas, the City Council desires to recognize the public benefit that Institutional Property parcels provide to the City including providing services and facilities to their owners, occupants, members and the general public that otherwise might be requested or required to be provided by the City, thereby serving a legitimate public purpose.

Please note that the SW 6/7 UEP is still in its developmental stage and that further formal resolutions will be considered by Council at public meetings regarding this assessment project.  You are welcome to provide input during those hearings as well.


Dolores D. Menendez]

Cape Coral City Attorney

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