2010 Cartoons re: EllenBeth Wachs, Atheists vs Lakeland City Council

Lakeland Cartoon

Appearing in Polk County, Florida, newspaper The Ledger in April 2010:
Church/state separation activists: John Kieffer is depicted as a steaming devil; to his left is EllenBeth Wachs (plaintiff vs City of Lakeland in prayer lawsuit); and to her left, is Rob Curry.

Other cartoons followed:

Lakeland Cartoon1

Ledger, July 2010: This makes fun of our requests to the Lakeland City Council to provide a nonsectarian solution (a moment of seated silence) to the issue of exclusively Christian prayer rituals.


Lakeland Cartoon2

August 2010: Again, another cartoon meant to invalidate our church/state separation lawsuit in which EllenBeth Wachs was the resident Plaintiff.

Cartoonist is Ric Leonard.  These and other cartoons can be found at: http://www.rictoons.com/toons_from_2010




About John Kieffer

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