Atheists of Florida Debacle/Coup … a look back.

As the six lawsuits (including my Defamation Complaint – link to PDF provided below) involved in the Atheists of Florida debacle/coup issue continue with depositions, requests for production of documents, interrogatories, admissions and hearings, here’s a look back at some of the history that led to the November 6, 2011, coup d’état in which Acting President/Vice-President EllenBeth Wachs and I, as President, were supposedly/allegedly removed as officers and expelled as members of the organization. The coup was and has always been about the election for the AoF Board of Directors that had been in progress in the Fall of 2011. And it was certainly this Facebook post on October 24, 2011, in which EllenBeth Wachs posted her recommended slate of candidates, which DID NOT INCLUDE Ed “Golly” Gollobith, that sent Mr. Gollobith (who treated Atheists of Florida as his own sole proprietorship instead of a Florida non-profit corporation) into full fledge combat mode. EB FB post 10-24-2011 Just simply a Facebook post and disagreements about the interpretation of the bylaws concerning the election could not have been enough of a raison d’être for the coup, and so falsehoods among so-called “loyal” (to Mr. Gollobith) board members were secretly conveyed prior to the November 6, 2011, board meeting.  In fact, Mr. Gollobith would, two days prior and in his capacity as the Chairman, rewrite the agenda to remove all financial reports and discussions and simply make the motion to vote out officers — preplanned to be only EllenBeth and me — from our executive positions.  This would be followed by a preplanned “Expulsion Committee” to remove us as members.  Why? So that we could not be reelected to the board – which would have certainly occurred — in the currently running election. The following is a PDF of a March 2012 newsletter that we (EllenBeth Wachs, Rob Curry and I), representing the legitimate Atheists of Florida, published to begin to answer the avalanche of falsehoods being published by Mr. Gollobith in his newsletters to our membership following the coup d’état that Matt Cooper (see previous post), and he orchestrated and choreographed among the Gollobith “loyalists” days prior to November 6, 2011. NEWSLETTER-SettingtheRecordStraight3-24-2012 Our newsletter references an online supplemental source of information that provides copies of the documents and other evidence in support of our response to Mr. Gollobith’s contrastingly unsubstantiated assertions: As we approach the trial phase, it should become apparent to those that are paying attention, that the house of cards that Cooper and Gollobith built is quickly coming apart.

Stay tuned.

John Kieffer

pro se litigant

Below link is PDF of my Defamation Complaint: Kieffer v Ed Gollobith et al @ 10th Florida Judicial Circuit (Polk County, FL)

Kieffer – AMENDED Defamation Complaint


The following link is the online docket (case progress) of my Defamation Case (Kieffer v Gollobith et al) in the 10th Florida Judicial Circuit (Polk County):

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