Operating in the shadows: Ed “Golly” Gollobith

READ & DECIDE if the secret, secluded meetings arranged by CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Ed “Golly” Gollobith and held with a select set of board members — which occurred during the four months prior to Mr. Gollobith’s November 6, 2011, coup d’état in which EllenBeth Wachs and I were fraudulently and illegally removed as officers of Atheists of Florida and purportedly expelled as members of the organization — were indeed “covert.”

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On Wednesday, July 9th 2014, I deposed Defendant Gloria Julius as part of “discovery” in our ongoing cases.



Among the exhibit emails that I asked Mrs. Julius to confirm were sent to her, were those that revealed some covert, secret meetings that Gollobith had set up with her and 4 other select AoF Board members.

Though I took some time with Mrs. Julius to define the terms “secret” and “covert,” she tapped danced every which way to keep from admitting that these meetings were “secret,” and “covert.”

And Mr. Gollobith’s attorney, Gale Porter, who Mr. Gollobith is paying to represent Mrs. Julius and his other codefendants, objected on the record every time I used the phrase “covert meetings” in my questioning.

gale porter   GALE PORTER, (photo source: Examiner.com)

Among Gollobith’s emails about these covert meetings — of which I (AoF president) and EllenBeth Wachs (AoF Vice-president) and other board members were purposefully never informed about — the following 3 email EXHIBITS stand out as exceptionally making my point that they were “covert meetings” …

#1 (Exhibit “11”) — Consider when reading this email that the most convenient meeting place for Gollobith & his folks would have been our office in Tampa, which Mr. Gollobith owned and which I had a key to and popped in there often to work on AoF business:

OFFICEAoF’s former office building: 3614 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa                     [Gollobith had inherited this 1700 sq. ft. office building and, in 2011, wanted to sell it to AoF for $221K through a sham Contract for Deed (which EllenBeth & I strongly opposed), and which he then sold months later to another party for $51K less for $170K]

From: Edgollystudio@—.com

Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 4:32 PM

To: brownsteve@—-.net; glojulius@ —.com; nanowens@ —.com; matt —@gmail.com

Subject: Board Minutes

Hello, All;

    Attached are the minutes of the Sunday meeting. On page 8 you will find a recap of the motions that were carried and the actions agreed upon, and on page 9 is a list of the board members. I still lack some contact information for the newest board members, and you will find that space blank. Matt, I need your address, and I have no contact information for Oravec.

    I think we should avoid the office for a meeting. Who knows who might walk in while we’re in the middle of discussing the issues of concern? So for the sake of privacy, I recommend either a small meeting room at a library or a restaurant, or my house, which is less than two miles east of the office. The Platt library is just a half block south of the office and may have a room available, but I’m not certain what is required to secure it any more. The Java Club cafe is a half block north of the office and has outdoor tables that would probably be sufficiently private after 1:00. Any time Friday will work fine for me.


#2  (Exhibit “13”) — Note: Gollobith should have written “the 6 of us,” which I pointed out during deposition that this number of directors meeting secretly represented 50% of the board (& 50% of any vote):

From: Edgollystudio@—.com

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 2:19 PM

To: glojulius@—.com; matt—@gmail.com; brownsteve@—.net; joerein@—.com; nanowens@—.com Subject: Re: Motions

To:    Nan [Owens], Joe [Reinhardt], Steve [Brown], Gloria [Julius] and Matt [Cooper];

Fr:    Ed [“Golly” Gollobith]

Subject:    Meeting to discuss motions for the board.

We would like to set up a meeting for the five of us as soon as practical, probably at one of our residences. Steve [Brown] and I are unavailable Thursday afternoon, but any other time over the next seven days or so I think Steve, Gloria and I are available. How about Joe [Reinhardt] and Nan [Owens]? Are you in town and are you available to meet?

~Ed Golly

#3  (Exhibit “17”) —  This is a private email between Gollobith and Gloria Julius in which he calls his secret set of board members our group, and states that he won’t disclose to me (AoF President) who these board members are who formulated some motions for the board to vote on:

From: Edgollystudio@—.com

Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 12:07 PM

To: glojulius@—.com Subject: Motions

Hi, Gloria,

Joe [Reinhardt], John and I are unable to find an intersecting point in our schedules, so there will be no meeting. Meanwhile, I have sent John the e-mail I sent the group the other day which serves to explain to John the foundation of the motions and still offering to receive his input before submitting the motions to the board for a vote. I anticipate he will object to both motions. If so, I will submit them anyway, and advise the board that no amendments will be accepted, including Christos’, since it would become impossibly cumbersome to deal with numerous proposed alterations via e-mail.

I will report any response from John to our group.  As you might guess, incidentally, he is very interested in knowing the identity of the board members involved in forming the motions. I have not disclosed that to him.


These secret meetings apparently included discussions in regard to purchasing Gollobith’s building; the Lakeland lawsuit in which EllenBeth was a Plaintiff; creating a Financial Oversight Committee; changing the donation links on the AoF website; and generating motions on some of these issues for the full board to vote on (knowing they secretly had at least 50% of the vote on any given motion that they produced).

Again, YOU DECIDE — was I right in calling these meetings “covert”?  Was Gollobith “operating in the shadows”?  From a legal point of view: under what stretch of the imagination can these clandestine, covert board member actions, led and organized by the Chairman of the Board, be considered operating in “good faith”?

And it would be these 6 covert meeting participants (less Reinhardt who went on vacation but stated full support for Gollobith’s actions) plus board members Tracy Thomas, Jim Peterson and Steve Miles who would provide the 8 out of the available 12 votes, which controlled the choreographed meeting agenda, suppressed discussions when I asked for such, and, in the end, produced the November 6, 2011 coup.


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