On October 26, 2011, (11 days before the Nov. 6, 2011 coup)

ED “GOLLY” GOLLOBITH (pictured below) wrote:

Gollobith 4


“THEY [EllenBeth Wachs & John Kieffer] USED MY LEGAL NAME

(on the AoF Board of Directors election ballot)


The following email excerpt is from Ed “Golly” Gollobith to Matt Cooper (“Gollobith/Cooper”) written 11 days prior to the November 6, 2011, board meeting/coup in which Gollobith/Cooper conspired to remove us [me (AoF President John Kieffer) and Vice-president EllenBeth Wachs] as officers and as members of Atheists of Florida (“AoF”).


The late MATT COOPER (d. Dec. 1, 2013)

In the email, Gollobith includes a lengthy email draft to me, which, for some reason, he never sent me, and, in it, warns me that “these things can backfire.”

From: Edgollystudio@aol.com [ED “GOLLY” GOLLOBITH]
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 9:57 AM
To: matt.progress@gmail.com [MATT COOPER]
Subject: Revised Kieffer e-mail 

Hey, Matt,

    I looked at the ballot yesterday and found another discrepancy. They used my legal name in order to confuse the electorate. I did not submit my nomination using my legal name, I used “Golly,” the name by which I am commonly known to the electorate. I added mention of that in the second-to-last paragraph which revises the Kieffer e-mail I am asking you to review prior to sending. I also noted that in the Executive Committee Conference Call on 10/08, they planned to send the ballots 2 to 3 days prior to Nov 1, a fact which is also addressed in the revised e-mail. So now we know they want to get rid of me, too.

    Just spoke with an attorney I know. After explaining the situation, he asked to see the bylaws and articles of incorporation, which are on file with the state. I’ll send them over to him for review. Maybe he can help. I’m looking for all the help I can get with this.


[The following is Gollobith’s unsent draft included in his email to Cooper]

Hello, John,


Now I have reviewed the ballot you sent to the board. I submitted my nomination and bio as “Ed Golly” and curiously, it appears on the ballot as Ed Gollobith (Golly). Should I have been consulted regarding how I wanted my name to appear on the ballot? … I’m sure no confusion on the part of voters is intended, is it? So now I see you’re trying to get rid of me, too. Careful, John. These things can backfire.

~Ed Golly

Chairman, Atheists of Florida, Inc.

[above email: Gollobith to Cooper ‘THEY USED MY LEGAL NAME’ email 10-26-2011 ]



Ed “Golly” Gollobith’s threatened “backfire,” would manifest as the November 6, 2011, coup, a product of a conspiracy by co-tricksters/co-conspirators Gollobith, Cooper and Joe Reinhardt, which included:

  • A behind the scenes “whisper campaign” telling select AoF board members (which they identified as “loyal” to Gollobith/Cooper) the falsehood that we had “misappropriated” an $18,040.92 check, which I had written to EllenBeth’s attorney (when in fact I had met with the Financial Oversight Committee (“FOC”) – Gollobith, Cooper and Joe Reinhardt – on September 11, 2011, to approve the disbursement of that amount in legal fund donations made on EllenBeth’s behalf to her attorney’s legal fund); [see Gollobith’s email to Steve Brown, Exhibit A].  (It’s noteworthy that in the private Gollobith to Cooper email above, that Gollobith is freaking out (with fellow FOC member Cooper) how I spelled his name on the ballot and not a peep about the $18K check, even though he’s already talking to folks about it prior to October 26. (See Exhibit E below for evidence.) Moreover,  Gollobith lies about this too testifying under oath that he didn’t “discover” the check until a bank visit on October 27.)


  • Rigging the November 6, 2011, AoF board meeting to suppress discussions when I (and EllenBeth and Rob Curry) demanded such to find out what the issues were that could possibly warrant our removal as officers; [see Gollobith’s email to Cooper scripting precisely how the board meeting would be rigged to prevent discussion (“calling the question” when Gollobith made his motion to remove/retain officers) Exhibit B]  (I was not aware at that Board Meeting that Gollobith was telling his loyalists behind the scenes — see Exhibit A — the lie that I had not received approval to disburse the $18K check and he didn’t want me asking questions as to why I was  being removed as president, or, for that matter, risking his loyalists asking me about it.  He knew I would have had a right-then-and-there showdown with Gollobith and Cooper on that issue (The third FOC member and co-trickster, Joe Reinhardt, was conveniently out of the country).

 Joe Reinhardt 2


  • Creating a fraudulent membership expulsion complaint (to remove EllenBeth and me as members of AoF) in the name of an AoF board member (Tracy Thomas, the current AoF Chairman of the Board) who later admitted to me when I deposed her under oath that she did not write it, nor could she answer any questions about it because she didn’t write it.  [Gollobith/Cooper’s “Tracy Thomas” Expulsion Complaint – Exhibit C ]


TRACY THOMAS (who did not write the “Tracy Thomas” Expulsion Complaint)

  • Why was it important for Gollobith/Cooper to remove us as members of AoF?  A worksheet created by Cooper shows that they were worried that we would simply be re-elected to the board during the ongoing election. “#12 – If election is rerun fairly and Wachs and Keiffer are reelected to the new board due to their fame, isn’t the organization back where we are now?”  [See Exhibit D] (And, oh, not a peep about $18K in there either).

In fact, on November 13, 2011, Gollobith, in his capacity as Chairman and new acting-President, persuaded the remaining board to cancel the ongoing election.  For Gollobith/Cooper, the coup was always about the election for AoF Board of Directors.  Issues of “misappropriation” were fabricated to provide a reason for just enough of their loyal board members to remove us from our executive positions and as members. Gollobith was angry that I had used his legal name on the election ballot (imagine that!) and for this he would warn me in the unsent draft of his email: Careful, John. These things can backfire.

To his surprise, however, his November 6, 2011, “backfire”/coup was quickly answered by EllenBeth’s Defamation Lawsuit (and my own similar suit in 2013).

Gollobith has destroyed Atheists of Florida, and his attorneys have been paid all of AoF’s $90K, which AoF had in its bank account for future state/church separation objectives.  And, I recently found out that Gollobith’s attorney, who, BTW, is NOT an atheist, has billed AoF an additional $270K of which Gollobith is allegedly loaning to AoF to continue litigation.   It is Gollobith — and only Gollobith– operating behind the guise of the corporate veil of Atheists of Florida, Inc., who is fueling this unnecessary fiasco.  A fiasco simply to save Gollobith and his loyalists from our lawsuits, which, BTW, we tried to resolve with a mediated settlement in 2012, which Gollobith sabotaged at a point when AoF still had most of that 90K in its bank account.

Magician Mulholland’s words have much meaning in understanding the AoF Debacle: a debacle, produced by a couple of tricksters, which continues today in the several consolidated Hillsborough County court cases (“Wachs v Gollobith et al), which are so tragically expending so much valuable time, talent, emotions and resources away from what we should all instead be doing: providing atheists community and challenging church/state separation issues.

All tricksters, other than magicians, depend to a great extent upon the fact that they are not known to be, or even suspected of being, tricksters. Therein lies their great advantage.

And one last trickster to trickster email, October 25, 2011,  FOC members Gollobith (r) to Reinhardt (l):

tricksters 1

I did not tell him [Rob Curry] about the $18K check. Don’t want that leaking to EB [EllenBeth] or John [Kieffer] before tomorrow’s revelations arrive. Let’s keep that under the rug, too.”  Exhibit E

Yes, Mr. Gollobith, things did “backfire” … especially keeping your trickster plans “under the rug.”

John Kieffer

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